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How to adjust the beater to bowl clearance in a stand cake mixer – KitchenAid stand mixer Tips

How to adjust the beater to bowl clearance  in a stand cake mixer – KitchenAid stand mixer TipsKitchenAid stand mixer Tips: We use our stand cake mixers when we need them but sometimes they need some adjustment. They work properly when there is a proper contact between the balloon whisk, flat beater or dough hook and the bowl. Misalignment can be appears in two different ways: The very first one is –... Read More »

Benefits of Balloon Whisk in terms of Best cake mixers

A balloon whisk is a kitchen tool  which is use for blending and whipping, this whisk use large amount of air during its work. Not all whisk are dishwasher safe. See the details before you buy. 11-wire balloon whisk image – KitchenAid The shape of this special type whisk will help you to make maximum... Read More »

Benefits of Stand Cake Mixers

Few days’ back I went to a birthday party of one of friend’s my baby girl’s. The cake was beautifully firm and decorated with colourful butter cream. I was very curious (as I always have) to find out who might made the cake. The answer was herself (friend’s mom). Normally I do make cake at... Read More »

Ultimate chocolate cake

Ultimate chocolate cakeA very special chocolate cake recipe suitable for any occasion like weddings, birthdays and any time! Fore this cake don’t need highly Skilled cooking experience. It is easy to make. Instructions: For The Cake Preheat your oven first, set the fan to 140C/ and 160C/ gas 3. Take a 7.5 X 20cm round cake tin... Read More »

Ombré Layer Cake

Ombré Layer CakeOmbré Layer Cake a beautiful and nice colorful cake. It’s a perfect for a big party cake. Because it has different color layers so, it’s eye catchy. The cake is also famous for its taste .                Ingredients: Method: Divide this dough in to 5 parts. Remember all this... Read More »

Top 8 Killer tips to use best stand cake mixers

Top 8 Killer tips to use best stand cake mixersA mixer is a prestigious friend of yours. It’s related to your baking. A good baking always brings name and fame. Negative reviews come for the bad baking. When your mixers give you good blended dough, then you can make a good cake for your family, friends and close one. A brand new mixer can... Read More »

Yummy carrot cake

Yummy carrot cakeI am quite a busy business mom but always try to make surprise for my only child, she loves cake in any time a day. She loves the cream and the cake layers. She loves to try new flavor. So, I always look for new recipe to make at home. At this time I found... Read More »

Which Stand Cake Mixer Do I need?

Which Stand Cake Mixer Do I need?You decide to buy stand cake mixers. That is nice because you love to make cake. When you come for a cake mixer you will find yourself in the middle of several brands with hundreds of stand mixers with their multiple features. This is a hard situation for you; You don’t spend your money for... Read More »

How to choose best stand cake mixers

How to choose best stand cake mixersStand cake mixers always best compare to the hand mixers but everyone not comfortable or not necessarily wants the stand mixers. Stand mixers is for the people who bake a lot for professional or for the family. it make you confuse when you want to buy a stand cake mixers for you. In the market... Read More »

Domino Chocolate Cakes from the best cake mixers

Domino Chocolate Cakes from the best cake mixersThis is a domino’s chocolate cake recipe. On the top of the cake it has some dominos dot and its look so beautiful. For the chocolate cake lover it’s yummy. Ingredients: Instructions: First we have to prepare our oven. Pre heat your oven with 350F°. In the meantime we will mix our ingredient. We put... Read More »