Benefits of Stand Cake Mixers

Few days’ back I went to a birthday party of one of friend’s my baby girl’s. The cake was beautifully firm and decorated with colourful butter cream. I was very curious (as I always have) to find out who might made the cake. The answer was herself (friend’s mom). Normally I do make cake at home but truly the one was one of the best cakes I have ever had. Directly I wanted to know her top secret, she was so friendly and let the secret open to me!

I knew the best your cake ingredients mixers the best cake you will make. The stand cake mixers she has, (you can’t believe) is 40 to 50 years old Kitchen Aid mixer. About 25 years ago her mother gave it to her on her wedding ceremony. Now the mixer is one of their family members.

I am telling the story to tell how great the Kitchen aid stand cake mixers are. The Best stand cake mixers are true assistant on which you can rely, especially for enthusiastic bakers who have to admit this. You can do a research before you buy it, certainly you have query on if it’s worth it.

Below some of the top benefit of having/buying stand cake mixer, a best cake mixers:

  1. The very first point is less mess and more power. Your kitchen will be mess free when you use the stand mixer. Now a day’s many of them comes with bowl cover as well.


  1. The second one is your Hands will remain mess free. You won’t have touched any ingredients by your hands. Just pour them into bowl and let the mixer do its job. This is one of the helpful reasons of have a stand cake mixer.
  2. The stand cake mixers are come with various helpful attachments. This is really a stand over hand held cake mixers.

Few attachments shown below:

Balloon whisk: The balloon whisk will help you to make maximum volume. learn more here:

balloon whisk best cake mixers kitchen aid


Dough hook:

dough hook stand best cake mixers


Flat beater:

flat beater best cake mixers


You can choose any mixer you want. Not all mixers will allow you to beat one or two egg whites singly, because it may not sufficient for the bowl size and how much the beater will touch. But great news is some stand cake mixers allow to adjust the touch levels. Read more to know how to adjust the beater to bowl clearance

Most of the stand mixers have stainless steel bowls which very handy for all kinds of use. Even you can use them as ice cream molds or any kind of kitchen work as you feel fit for.

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