Breville SHM2 Twin VS Kenwood HM680 Chefette Which is the Best Mixer

Breville SHM2 Twin VS Kenwood HM680 Chefette Which is the Best Mixer

Admit it….. The first thing to come into your mind when somebody says ‘Breville’ is that unused sandwich toaster with the plug missing, languishing in the cupboard under your kitchen sink. However, as soon as anyone mentions Kenwood, you know that we’re talking MIXERS.

So, it is important to get one thing out of the way. Both of these mixers are excellent and what follows is no more than nitpicking.

The Kenwood HM680 Chefette is a little bit fatter, although it is 700g lighter than the Breville SHM2 Twin but then again the Breville has a 400 W motor compared to the 350 W of the Kenwood. The Breville has 10 speeds and the Kenwood has 5.

Nowadays, it is very common to see a bread/cake mixer standing on a kitchen worktop like a work of art – and if that is what you want and you don’t mind parting with £300 plus, then by all means go ahead. But if you are a cake maker or an occasional breadmaker which, let’s face it, most of us are, in spite of all our good intentions, then you should consider one of these two.

The Kenwood Chefette was designed with cake mixing in mind with the added advantage that you can dispense with the rotating bowl, lift out the business end and use it as an ordinary hand whisk or mixer.

The attachments are stainless steel and having tried it as a novice, I’m pleased to confirm that anyone can use it.

Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer with Bowl - White
List Price: £69.99
Price: £52.94
You Save: £17.05
Price Disclaimer

However, if you’re the sort of cake maker who has deposited fast amounts of icing sugar all over the kitchen when trying to make butter icing, you will be pleased to know that the Chefette comes with a clear plastic lid so that all your ingredients remain where they are supposed to be.

There is certainly one thing which will tell you that this is a successful piece of kit. The Kenwood Chefette HM680 was introduced in September 2013 and is still selling like hot cakes. It is a very robust machine as you would expect from a Kenwood.

You’ll be pleased to hear that even compared to the Kenwood Chefette,  the Breville SHM2   is no slouch and has also been around for a while – almost exactly 10 years and is No1  rival. Although at 2 litres, the Breville has a smaller capacity than the Kenwood , it is all that the average domestic cook will need.

Breville SHM2 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer,Silver
List Price: £79.99
Price: £45.00
You Save: £34.99
Price Disclaimer

The Breville looks quite a bit smaller than the Kenwood but nevertheless qualifies as one of the best cake mixers on the market…and most purchases are for just that: mixing cakes.

The Breville won’t exactly damage your hearing, although a little bit louder than the Kenwood but then again, they are both appliances that you can switch on and leave them to do their work.

Sometimes, the Breville didn’t reach all the mix that it was supposed to, mostly at the bottom of the bowl but again, that’s only a small  issue and a minor problem also shared by the Kenwood.

These are both excellent machines with a midpoint price of £60 for the Breville and £65 for the Kenwood.

Technical Details:


Brand BrevilleKenwood
Model Number56829HM680
ColourWhite White
Item Weight 3.9 Kg2.3 Kg
Product Dimensions24.5 x 33.8 x 31 cm39 x 34.5 x 27 cm
Capacity 2 litres3 litres
Power / Wattage 400 watts 350 watts
MaterialStainless Steel Plastic, Stainless Steel
Number of Speeds 105
Special FeaturesDetachable, Has Mixer AttachmentDetachable, Has Mixer Attachment
Shipping Weight4 Kg3.7 Kg

I have tried both mixers and found them both simple to use and excellent value for money.

However, only because of the plastic lid and the revolving bowl feature of the Kenwood, it is the Kenwood HM 680 Chefette which is my favourite but if you asked me to score them out of 10, the Kenwood would be 9.5 and the Breville 9.4.

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