Lemon Drizzle cake

Lemon Drizzle cakeA very easy recipe to make a lemon drizzle cake, the most popular one. Using your stand cake mixer, you can make it beautifully and taste will be lovely with crispy top. Ingredients: Instructions: 1. The very first thing to do is preheat the oven. Set fan to 180C/fan and gas to 160C/gas 4.  ... Read More »

How to make Easy Red Velvet Cupcakes

How to make Easy Red Velvet CupcakesEasy Red Velvet Cupcakes is very easy to make and prefect for any occasions like weeding or even for any break event! Ingredients: Instructions: Method to make the Easy Red Velvet Cupcakes Step 1: The very first step is to preheat the oven to 180C/Gas 4. Place your 48 mini baking cases for mini cupcakes... Read More »

Ultimate chocolate cake

Ultimate chocolate cakeA very special chocolate cake recipe suitable for any occasion like weddings, birthdays and any time! Fore this cake don’t need highly Skilled cooking experience. It is easy to make. Instructions: For The Cake Preheat your oven first, set the fan to 140C/ and 160C/ gas 3. Take a 7.5 X 20cm round cake tin... Read More »

Ombré Layer Cake

Ombré Layer CakeOmbré Layer Cake a beautiful and nice colorful cake. It’s a perfect for a big party cake. Because it has different color layers so, it’s eye catchy. The cake is also famous for its taste .                Ingredients: Method: Divide this dough in to 5 parts. Remember all this... Read More »

Yummy carrot cake

Yummy carrot cakeI am quite a busy business mom but always try to make surprise for my only child, she loves cake in any time a day. She loves the cream and the cake layers. She loves to try new flavor. So, I always look for new recipe to make at home. At this time I found... Read More »

Domino Chocolate Cakes from the best cake mixers

Domino Chocolate Cakes from the best cake mixersThis is a domino’s chocolate cake recipe. On the top of the cake it has some dominos dot and its look so beautiful. For the chocolate cake lover it’s yummy. Ingredients: Instructions: First we have to prepare our oven. Pre heat your oven with 350F°. In the meantime we will mix our ingredient. We put... Read More »

Chocolate caramel cake

Chocolate caramel cakeA Best cake idea for your summers tea party or any family hangout. This is easy to make and healthy as well. Today we  describe some easy tips how to make chocolate caramel cake. you don’t need any professional skill for this. Ingredients: Instructions: For the chocolate caramel cake we will use 2 pieces of... Read More »

Vianne’s Cake from CHOCOLATE

Vianne’s Cake from CHOCOLATEOne of the tastiest cakes is vianne’s chocolate cake. It is easy to make at home. Let’s try to make a vianne’s cake for our loving one.   Instructions: Instructions: For the best result, always preheat your oven first. In this case your oven must be preheated by 180 degree.   In the first step... Read More »