Chocolate caramel cake

Chocolate caramel cake

A Best cake idea for your summers tea party or any family hangout. This is easy to make and healthy as well. Today we  describe some easy tips how to make chocolate caramel cake. you don’t need any professional skill for this.

Servings12 Slices
Cook Time30 min
Prep Time20 min


300g butter plus extra for greasing
300glight muscovado sugar

3 large eggs
11/2 tbsp baking powder
85 g cocoa powder
225 g plain flour
225 ml soured cream
300 ml pot double cream
25 g caramel flavoured chocolate finely chopped
5 tbsp dulce de leche or caramel sauce


  1. For the chocolate caramel cake we will use 2 pieces of 23cm loose bottom cake tin. We line the tin with a baking parchment.
  2. Before we start beating our ingredient we need to turn on our oven and pre heat in to 180C for fan and 160C for gas oven.
  3. First beat the butter and sugar and continued until it turn in to light creamy. Now add eggs, baking powder, cocoa and a third of the flour. Add each addition separately and mix them well. Never add all ingredients together. Mix half soured cream and mix it until combined.
  4. Cove the tin with the mix. You have to make it flat on its surface.
  5. You have to bake until 30 minutes and check the cake is cooked well. Place the cake for 5 minutes to cool. Carefully remove the cake from the tin and leave it for fully cool.
  6. Finally we whip the double cream with 2 tbsp Dulce de leche and turn it to soft peaks. We will cove one cake with the half cream then drizzle over the remaining Dulce de leche on top. Place the other cake on the top and of the cream cake. Now you have to sprinkle the chocolate on it. Chill at list 1 hour before serve.

Recipe Notes:

  • Don’t overheat.
  • For the first time you ma not get the best result. practice bring the best.


Adopted from: Emma Lewis

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