How to choose best stand cake mixers

How to choose best stand cake mixers

Stand cake mixers always best compare to the hand mixers but everyone not comfortable or not necessarily wants the stand mixers. Stand mixers is for the people who bake a lot for professional or for the family. it make you confuse when you want to buy a stand cake mixers for you. In the market there are several brands with verities of function. So, which one is the best stand cake mixers?

Before you buy a mixer you have to find out first what you want to do with that mixer? This helps you to choose the best one. If you do make large amount of cake regularly and you buy a small mixers that will be a disaster. I will point out some options that will help you to choose the best stand cake mixers.


People think large motor size can work large amount of dough. But this is wrong. From my experience some time big motor (800 watt) failed compared with the small motor (400 watt). With the small motor size they can work far better from the big one. In this case you have to follow the brand manuals. What capacity they mentioned on their manuals. If they say the mixers can mix 4 cup flour at a time then it is the best capacity for the mixers.

Mixing bowls:

you don’t want to messed up your kitchen using a big bowl with small amount of dough. Using a small bowl with large amount of dough you have to mix it second or third time. I don’t want to do that because measuring all the stuff twice is always tough. So, always think the quarts size of the bowls.


Before you buy do some research. How easy you can access mixers. is it comfortable to use the bowl, is there proper space around the mixers head and the bowl area. Removing the beater from the mixers is easy for you?  Those are some significant feature for the best stand cake mixers.


Check others functional operations of the mixers. Some brand has 5 settings but other has 12. Others brand offers countdown timers with 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Best stand cake mixers brand like kenwood offers you splash guards for protection. Remember all come across to your requirements. Don’t waste your money what is not for you.

Extra Accessories:

What extra accessories you will have with the mixers. Normally whisk, dough hook and a beater are included with the cake mixers. Some mixers offer different attachments likes grinders, pasta makers and juicers. You have to pay for this. If you want one mixer will serve you several task you can go for this.


It is a big challenge to clean a cake mixer. In the best stand cake mixers there always mentions how you can clean you mixers. Before you buy check is it support dishwasher or hand wash. Think what is best for you.

Is it heavy and fashionable? I m sure you will not consider the beautiful look of your mixer. So in the terms of beauty KitchenAid and Kenwood are the best stand cake mixers for me. Also you will buy a cake mixer which can afford your kitchen counter top. You never want to take others support to remove your heavy mixers here and there!!

Last but not least during purchase get your guaranty. The best stand cake mixers brands always give you warranty. It maybe 2 years of some offers 5 years. So, don’t afraid to make you fantastic cake and give surprise to your love one.

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