Kenwood HM680 Chafette Best Stand and Hand cake Mixer with Bowl Review

Kenwood HM680 Chafette Best Stand and Hand cake Mixer with Bowl Review

Are you a skilled cook who prepares foods or cakes on a frequent basis? Or are you a cook who loves to research with recipes and caters for a massive number of family and friends? If the answer is yes, you will surely love the Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer with Bowl, this considered the best stand cake mixer and Best hand cake mixers by many chefs all over the world.

Who Could Buy/Benefit of this Product?

With an appliance like Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer with Bowl, you have lots of diverse tools all in one, moreover, to the capability to expand it and make even more recipes. All and sundry are busy today with everyday work, kids and household chores when you can make on task a bit more fun would not be worth the investment? You don’t need to become an expert to make tasty foods and cakes; you just need the right tools. This is ideal for both seasoned and novice cooks.Best stand cake mixers Kenwood KM336 in Gloss White with Liquidiser is another for the expert


From the manufacturers of the world renowned Kenwood Chef Range, comes a compact and stylish hand mixer with bowl providing high quality performance as well as ideal results. The Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer with Bowl comes with five dedicated speeds for whisking and mixing and a pulse purpose for folding. This also comes with stainless steel kneaders, beaters as well as a splash guard to make sure all the components keep in the three liter steel bowl. This trendy appliance saves time and hard work as the blend of the beater rotation and driven bowl obtained a proper mix without any mess. This features a simple thump controlled speed control key. The beater comes with interlock system for security and safety.

Made with Simplicity and Versatility in Mind

Made largely for the job of cake mixing, the best stand cake mixer from Kenwood is ideal for people who like to enhance their skills in baking, however who might not have the space of a huge kitchen machine.

Utilize the hand mixer individually for fast, easy mixing or fasten to the exclusively made stand with rotating basin for larger batches.

With five speed settings as well as pulse function, Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer with Bowl 350 W mix of hand and stand mixer and has that is needed to make everything from fluffy and light sponges to creamy smooth fondants.

On hand with stainless steel three liters, that has work capability of 1.4 liters, this hand cake mixer is ideally made for baking pastries, cakes as well as mixing dough.Best cake mixers reviewsBest hand cake mixers


The Best Tool for the Job

Allow your handy assistant do the whole work with the extra of no mess, this is because of the exceptional splash guard features that just clicks into place beyond the bowl.

It comes with offset beaters that make it so easy to put in components into the bowl even as continuously mixing. The rotating bowl makes sure maximum ingredients are included in the mixture to make a smooth, even as well as perfect constancy every time


The most obvious advantage to this specific appliance is the stainless construction. It has an extremely coveted appearance which renowned chefs love and your friends will admire. Kenwood uses the most hygienic materials in making this product.

Stainless Steel

This material is the better cooking utensil materials on hand today. Even a lot of people want it simply due to its looks, it could be a remarkable hygiene advantage as well. This material is not leaky or has its cracks where dirt and bacteria could hide from the cleaning efforts.

This material will not stain or rust easily that makes care easy and the steel doesn’t interfere with the taste of food you are cooking, as the concern with a lot of metal types as well as acidic foods. The bottom line is, the Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer with Bowl made of stainless steel so you can use it for a long span of time.

Boasting 350W of power and has a five speed setting and an extra pulse function, the Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer with Bowl has the functionality and power to give a thorough as well as effective mix with any kinds of ingredients.

Equipped with steel kneaders and steel beaters, a three liter stainless steel bowl and the splash guard, you could efficiently and quickly whip up your mixture for your preferred dishes with ease and without fuss and mess.

Attachments and Sizes

Hygiene is important, however, when you don’t have the right tool, the mixer will be of a bit use to you. Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer comes with a bowl that allows you to mix up the whole thing because of its size. Moreover, you can get different kinds of attachments also.

Best cake mixer reviews

Ice Cream and Much More

Does your kid love ice cream? How about homemade juices? The state of the art Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer with Bowl has a handy built in outlets as well as accessories for which purpose as well. It comes with power outlets to make using the attachments much easier. With single machine and a couple of attachments, you can make homemade bread, creamy batters as well as meringue with ease.

Where to Purchase?

Have you decided that you want a Kenwood mixer but don’t where to get one? Kenwood HM680 Chafette hand mixer with bowl is on hand in various stores online particularly Here you can have this product for a very reasonable price.

Buying Guide to Best Kenwood Stand Cake Mixers:

Kenwood kMix KMX52 Stand Mixer - Almond CreamKenwood kMix KMX52 Stand Mixer (Almond), 5 Litre stainless steel bowl with handle, Non-stick K Beater, Non-stick balloon whisk, Non-stick dough hook, Splashguard, Recipe cards, Spatula, Instruction manual, Registration card, UK plug500 Watts4.7
Kenwood KM330 Stand Mixer, 4.6 Litre, 800 Watt - White4.6L bowl, K-Lene coated non stick beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Spatula800 Watts4.8
Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier Stand Mixer - Silver4.6L Stainless steel bowl, Non-stick K-Lene beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Rubber creaming beater, 1.6L ThermoResist blender, splashguard, Spatula1000 Watts4.7
Kenwood Chef Premier Stand Mixer, 4.6 Litre, 1000 W, Graphite4.6L Stainless steel bowl, Non-stick K-Lene beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Rubber creaming beater, 1.6L ThermoResist blender, splashguard, Spatula1000 Watts4.7
Kenwood KMC010 Chef Stand Mixer, Titanium - Silver4.6L stainless steel bowl with handles, cast stainless steel K Beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Rubber Creaming Beater, 1.6L ThermoResist Blender, Food Processor attachment with 3 reversible discs, Splashguard, Spatula1400 Watts4.7

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Kenwood HM680 Chafette hand mixer is indeed that best hand cake mixer available on the market. Online reviews show that the Kenwood hand mixer is equipped with state of the art feature that is why it gets lots of positive reviews and high ratings. Out of 56 customers, 36 of them rated the product with five stars, and the rest gave 4 and 3 stars with an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

What people say about the Mixers:

I am so pleased to find a decent mixer which doesn’t completely dominate my kitchen. Some of the top of the range mixers are huge, but this is a lovely size. Doesn’t take up too much room in a cupboard, and not too heavy to lift in and out of the cupboard if, like me, you have a small kitchen with insufficient worktop to leave it out all the time.A very nice touch is the revolving bowl which sits slightly off centre so the beaters can reach all parts of the bowl. The beaters reach right down to the bottom of the bowl – well as close as they can without actually touching, so between this and the revolving bowl there is very little mixture that escapes the beaters, you don’t have to keep stopping the mixer to scrape the contents of the bowl into the middle.Another very useful ‘extra’ is the clear plastic cover which slots over the bowl so no clouds of flour all over the kitchen.It seems quite a powerful machine, I’ve only used it twice for cake making and the number 2 setting was plenty. It certainly mixes very well and both cakes were successful using the all-in-one method (a la Mary Berry)! There is a pulse setting if needed.Easily cleaned with the attachments and bowl able to go in the dishwasher. I just rinse the plastic guard under the tap though as hard plastic items tend to craze and starting cracking after a while.I bought this to replace a 30 year-old Krups hand mixer, and I didn’t realise until I got this one just how heavy a handheld mixer gets after a while, so having the flexibility of a handheld and the convenience of the stand feels like a luxury!


Kenwood HM680 Hand/stand mixers video:


An indispensible appliance for anybody who bakes cakes, make biscuits every day, make the Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer with Bowl the best hand cake mixer and part of the kitchen and take pleasure in the tasty outcomes in double quick time.

Technical Features of Kenwood HM680 Chefette Mixer

KenwoodModel NumberHM680
ColourWhiteItem Weight2.3 Kg
Product Dimensions39 x 34.5 x 27 cmCapacity3 litres
Power / Wattage350 wattsShipping Weight3.7 Kg
MaterialPlastic, Stainless SteelNumber of Speeds5
Special FeaturesDetachable, Has Mixer Attachment
Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer with Bowl - White
List Price: £69.99
Price: £52.94
You Save: £17.05
Price Disclaimer

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