Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic Stand Mixer in Gloss White with Liquidiser Review

Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic Stand Mixer in Gloss White with Liquidiser Review

Looking for the best stand cake mixers becomes more difficult with the huge selections on the market. But, many will agree if I say that Kenwood KM336 in Gloss White with Liquidiser is on top of the lists of the best of stand mixers. It is true that it is an old technology. But, the equipment works perfectly. I just recently bought it and I was surprised with its beautiful look. It only got a cheap price tag.


For me, that’s a big convenience since I enjoy practicing my baking skills without paying for professional-looking equipment. The equipment already looks great. If you are looking for a stand cake mixer, it is worth your time to purchase this product. You will enjoy using it from the moment you open the box and the first-time you use it.

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A Stand Cake Mixer that Got Everything You Need!

This kitchen machine is great because it features a classic look you will appreciate. More than its look, the package is complete with the things you need in baking or using it. This comes with a stainless steel bow, beater, whisk and dough hook. You get the chance to improve your baking skills. This equipment is not only used in making bread, cakes, pastry, smoothies and more!

A Classic Look that Comes with More Power

Have you always been fascinated when your grandmother uses stand mixer when baking? This product features a classic look. The only difference is that this product offers more power. This operates at 800W that allows you to mix cakes, make pastries and blend soups. Its power comes with convenience. All of the bowl tools are coated with a non-stick material. All of them are easy to clean and safe to use. Another small but beautiful cake mixer is Kenwood HM680 Chefette handmixer with bowl

Presenting the Best Features

There are reasons why Kenwood KM336 in Gloss White with Liquidiser are among the best stand cake mixers. These are:

  • Classic Looks in Gloss White: As mentioned, it is one of those kitchen machines you’ve become familiar with. This is integrated with more power. Although it looks like the classic ones, it still serves as the perfect partner for your kitchen adventures. It lets you experiment and be more adventurous with your cooking.
  • 800W Motor: A classic technology with more power, this makes this stand mixer perfect. It comes with 2 power outlets which are capable of taking over 20 optional attachments. This is the best solution for multiple tasks. The machine can chop, whisk, blend or squeeze at the same time. These perform other tasks such as grating, kneading, mincing, mixing, milling and slicing.
  • 5 Liter Blender/Liquidiser: The perfect feature to make sauces and soups. This is designed to give you the results you are after.

Best Cake mixers

One of the Best Stand Cake Mixers that Perfectly Combines Performance and Versatility

Versatility and performance are among the things that can perfectly describe this Kenwood stand mixer from the Chef Classic line. I love the fact that it is not only a perfect machine for daily kitchen chores. The level of performance it can deliver makes it ideal for explorative cooking. Of course, this makes it a good option if you are an adventurous type of user. Having this machine around your kitchen allows you to do more than just baking. It has several attachment options you can use for the cooking task you need to accomplish such as pastry, soup, smoothie or sauce.

The kind of performance the machine can give is made possible with the key features that include the following:

All of the following contribute to the equipment as one of the best stand cake mixers to find in the market.

  • Slow Speed Outlet

The outlet is positioned at the back of the removable cover. Its main function is to provide balanced high torque and slow speed that drive the attachments, like the pasta roller. The outlet is designed to run cutters and shapers, rotary slicer or grater, fruit press, food mincer and grinding mill.

  • Total Mixing Action

Well-mixed ingredients are one of the factors that contribute to a well-made pastry or cake or anything you use this stand mixer. Most beaters only move in a circular motion. It is one of the differences of this Kenwood stand mixer. It moves in a planetary motion wherein the beater revolves in a certain direction with the socket turning in the opposite direction. Such movement ensures that all parts of the mixture are picked up. Hence, it results to a mixed and consistent mixture regardless of what you are mixing on.

  • High Speed Outlet

The high speed outlet is located at the machine’s back part. The outlet is designed for the many attachments, like the compact chopper. Other attachments that can be attached on this outlet are grinder, juice extractor, citrus juicer, blender and grater or continuous slicer.

  • Automatic Speed Control

This feature is integrated with pulse. Its primary function is to maintain power and speed no matter what is the amount of the load.

It is one of the best stand cake mixers that come with all the basic attachments you need when cooking or practicing your being a good chef. The package is complete with bowl tools necessary to accomplish your baking tasks. All of the bowl tools are dishwasher safe and are made of stainless steel. A good example of these tools is the Flexi Beater designed with a rubber edge that is flexible.

Buying Guide to Best Kenwood Stand Cake Mixers:

Kenwood kMix KMX52 Stand Mixer - Almond CreamKenwood kMix KMX52 Stand Mixer (Almond), 5 Litre stainless steel bowl with handle, Non-stick K Beater, Non-stick balloon whisk, Non-stick dough hook, Splashguard, Recipe cards, Spatula, Instruction manual, Registration card, UK plug500 Watts4.7
Kenwood KM330 Stand Mixer, 4.6 Litre, 800 Watt - White4.6L bowl, K-Lene coated non stick beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Spatula800 Watts4.8
Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier Stand Mixer - Silver4.6L Stainless steel bowl, Non-stick K-Lene beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Rubber creaming beater, 1.6L ThermoResist blender, splashguard, Spatula1000 Watts4.7
Kenwood Chef Premier Stand Mixer, 4.6 Litre, 1000 W, Graphite4.6L Stainless steel bowl, Non-stick K-Lene beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Rubber creaming beater, 1.6L ThermoResist blender, splashguard, Spatula1000 Watts4.7
Kenwood KMC010 Chef Stand Mixer, Titanium - Silver4.6L stainless steel bowl with handles, cast stainless steel K Beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Rubber Creaming Beater, 1.6L ThermoResist Blender, Food Processor attachment with 3 reversible discs, Splashguard, Spatula1400 Watts4.7
Other items included in the package are:
  • The lightweight Classic Blender which you can use with ease. It comes with an easy to use and removable stainless steel perfect for making cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, pâtés, soups, breadcrumbs and mayonnaise.
  • Chef-Sized Polished Bowl, which allows you to create more because of its 4.6 liter capacity.
  • Chef-Sized Coated K-Beater, the attachment that helps achieves ingredients that are mixed thoroughly.
  • Chef-Sized Whisk designed to create maximum volume of mixture.
  • Chef-Sized Dough Hook made in 2 designs, which are spiral and angled to produce nicely kneaded heavy dough mixture.
  • Splashguard designed to keep your bowl free of dust when not in use.

What people say about Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic Stand Mixer:

I recently moved to Europe and previously in the US used the Kitchaid Artisan Stand Mixer and loved it. I couldn’t afford to replace it here with the 220V version and settled somewhat dubiously on the Kenwood. I primarily use this machine pretty much daily for kneading dough for bread and pasta and I have been very pleased with the performance. Initially, I thought the shape of the bowl was wrong because as I used a spatchula to push the flour into the center when it was going, it never really made the dough into a nice ball. I would have to take it out and shape it into a ball myself. But then I got a phone call right after adding the ingredients and just left it alone and it made a perfect ball of dough with no babysitting. A great purchase- I think it’s better than the Kitchenaid for two reasons. There is a release switch that actually holds the head at the bottom of the bowl. On the Kitchenaid you are only relying on the extremely heavy weight of the head and when kneading stiff dough the head will pop up some and you have to hold it down. The second reason is the versatility. It comes with a liquidizer and you can’t get a food processing attachment for the kitcheaid. I am thrilled with this machine.

This is not just an ideal addition to your kitchen equipment. This can deliver great performance and this is even versatile. Best of all, this presents everything you need in cooking. This makes it a perfect option for the best stand cake mixer!

Technical Details Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic Stand Mixer

Brand KenwoodModel NumberKM336
Item Weight6 KgProduct Dimensions39 x 23.5 x 29 cm
Capacity4.6 litresShipping Weight 11 Kg
Power / Wattage 275 wattsMaterialAluminium, Plastic
Special FeaturesDetachable, Has Mixer Attachment

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