Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier – Silver best Stand Cake Mixer Review

Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier – Silver best Stand Cake Mixer Review

People nowadays are learning to bake their own cake for the sake of saving money. Buying ready-to-eat cakes don’t can cause you to spend so much money. By having your own cake mixers you can save money and bake your own cake and you can make your own flavored cake. Finding the best cake mixers will help you in making a delicious cake of your own.


Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier is the best solution for you if you are finding one of the best Stand cake mixers. This can satisfy you and can fit your needs, and also it may help you in saving money.

Who could benefit from this product?

Kenwood KMC570 is a product where every person who wants to bake can use. People who love to bake can use this product. . You can read Kenwood kMix KMX52 review which is another top Quality mixer.

Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier Stand Mixer

Product Description

Kenwood KMC570 is a full-bodied and a brushed metal. It is a steadfast machine that you could count on for baking delights (cakes/cookies) and creating or preparing meals. This is the best for everyday basic food preparation. Kenwood KMC570 has more amplified power and stylized design compared to other cake mixers. With its 3 power outlets, it is adaptable when it is used with the variety of your elective attachments. Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier has a motor that is 1000 watts that has all the power and adaptability to make the work light.

The machines three power outlets means that you can have a huge choice in terms of elective attachments (slicing, whisking, mincing, shredding, grinding, kneading, mixing, squeezing or blending). Kenwood KMC570 also features a stainless bowl with 4.6 liters with a splashguard and has a changeable control for and has a pulse function giving you an excellent manage with the movement. This also includes in the pack a thermoresist blender that can be switched into a hot or cold mixes without any difficulty or risking of clouding or shattering of the content. Kenwood KMC570 can be easily cleaned without any difficulty.

Product Features

  • Stainless bowl that has handle
  • Motor that is 1000 watts
  • Three power outlets
  • Splashguard
  • Rubber creaming beater
  • ThermoReisist blender
  • It also comes with a recipe books
  • Spatula
  • Registration card



The Kenwood KMC570 is strong and is very easy to use and is also simple to steer. Anyone who is using this product can be confident in baking, even if you are an amateur. There are the basic functions and some advanced features that could be used and help you in making or baking some cakes. This is also durable, the stainless bowl and the machine itself, this could last longer that you thought it could be. People who’ve used this already say that it is one of a kind cake mixer; it is easy to use, very portable and can save a lot of space in the kitchen.


Some people said that Kenwood KMC570 is not that strong, absolutely not durable that can be use for several years. It is also said that it is not that much helpful in making and baking cakes and preparing meals. Also the stainless bowl does not take a huge amount of baking flour or anything and having trouble when it comes to mixing. The design also does not match with the one displayed on the internet.

Buying Guide to Best Kenwood Stand Cake Mixers:

Kenwood kMix KMX52 Stand Mixer - Almond CreamKenwood kMix KMX52 Stand Mixer (Almond), 5 Litre stainless steel bowl with handle, Non-stick K Beater, Non-stick balloon whisk, Non-stick dough hook, Splashguard, Recipe cards, Spatula, Instruction manual, Registration card, UK plug500 Watts4.7
Kenwood KM330 Stand Mixer, 4.6 Litre, 800 Watt - White4.6L bowl, K-Lene coated non stick beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Spatula800 Watts4.8
Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier Stand Mixer - Silver4.6L Stainless steel bowl, Non-stick K-Lene beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Rubber creaming beater, 1.6L ThermoResist blender, splashguard, Spatula1000 Watts4.7
Kenwood Chef Premier Stand Mixer, 4.6 Litre, 1000 W, Graphite4.6L Stainless steel bowl, Non-stick K-Lene beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Rubber creaming beater, 1.6L ThermoResist blender, splashguard, Spatula1000 Watts4.7
Kenwood KMC010 Chef Stand Mixer, Titanium - Silver4.6L stainless steel bowl with handles, cast stainless steel K Beater, balloon whisk and dough hook, Rubber Creaming Beater, 1.6L ThermoResist Blender, Food Processor attachment with 3 reversible discs, Splashguard, Spatula1400 Watts4.7

Customer Reviews and Scores

Kenwood KMC570 is very popular to those people who love baking and causing it to gain a score of 5 stars. Although some of the reviews are a bit not useful (cons), there are so many good reviews to tackle with this product. Customers said that the Kenwood KMC570 and the normal attachments are useful in every way and it serves its purpose very well. They said that some recipes that are integrated in the set are very useful for them. It is nice and very easy to use, for the beginners and amateur it is very easy to understand.

Some customers said that the first time they have used it; they felt convenience in using it. They find it very comfortable to use even though it is a little bit heavy. They said it’s a great help for them to purchase this kind of cake mixer. It is also said by most of the customers that the bowl (stainless steel bowl) can be used without hassle, it helps you/them to lessen the risk of scattering. It is very durable for them to use it for several years because it was made of 1000 watts motor and the mixer itself is made of metal. It is also very powerful, said by the customers, making it easier to use.

Customers said that the Kenwood KMC570, when it comes to packaging, it very decent and very attractive. The actual performance of the machine is fantastic, although you need some height in setting up this machine and changing the attachments, it can occupy a small amount of space if you have a sufficient amount of space. It is very helpful in making dishes, cakes and preparing meals to be served in the dining table. There are lots of dishes that you could make using this cake mixer. Lots and lots of customer are purchasing this kind of mixer for their own convenience and experience.

The mixer is as good as you would expect from this brand, I have made breads, cakes, biscuits and pizzas so far and have been impressed with the range of abilities. I was really pleased to see the recipe book included as it gives you a guide as to which speed you should be mixing ingredients at. It is not the quietest of machines but as it is so thorough in the mixing you shouldn’t be needing to run it for too long.


Kenwood KMC570 is the best cake mixer that is being offered in the market. This kind of mixer will surely fit your style and your needs. This is a great choice when it comes to cake mixer. This can make lots of dishes and helping you out to make the best dishes you could ever make. This is also a durable product which you can use for several years. It also comes with a recipe book that could help you make delicious foods and dishes. This can suit your style and everything that you need when it comes to mixers and baking tools. With its three power outlet, stainless bowl, spatula, and its 1000 watts motor will help you save more money (issues about maintenance and repairs). The attachments and its feature can help you making a good dishes and foods to serve in the table. Thus, Kenwood KMC570 is the best choice when it comes to cake mixers.

Technical Details of Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier Stand Mixer - Silver

Brand KenwoodModel NumberKMC570
ColourSilverItem Weight8 Kg
Product Dimensions39 x 23 x 28.5 cmCapacity4.6 litres
Power / Wattage1200 wattsMaterial Aluminium
Special FeaturesDetachable, Has Mixer AttachmentShipping Weight14 Kg

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