Vianne’s Cake from CHOCOLATE

Vianne’s Cake from CHOCOLATE

One of the tastiest cakes is vianne’s chocolate cake. It is easy to make at home. Let’s try to make a vianne’s cake for our loving one.

Servings 6 people
Prep Time1:30 min
Cook Time40 min



For the Cake
125 g butter at room temperature
150 gsugar
2 eggs
200 g dark chocolate
1 tbsp Cointreau
1 tbsp finely grated orange peel
220 g flour
2 tbsp bitter cocoa powder
1 bag baking powder
250 ml milk
For the ganache
250 g dark chocolate
375 ml cream


For the best result, always preheat your oven first. In this case your oven must be preheated by 180 degree.


In the first step we will whip the butter and sugar together .We will carry out until it turned smooth and creamy. In this process we will use a stand mixer for good result. To carry on this process we will add eggs, melted chocolate, cointreau and finally grated orange peel. All the ingredient must be add one by one. Remember that the melted chocolate must be added in warm condition. Now it’s time to include flour, cocoa and baking powder with the chocolate in your mixer bowl. Don’t put all ingredients at a time. Add them in a small amount step by step.


We use a 25 cm buttered baking pan for our cake. When you dough is ready place it on your oven for 40 minutes for cook. After cooked left your cake for cool down.


In the middle we will make our ganache . For this we will use a metal container for the chocolate and the cream. Let’s boil them 3 minutes and mix them until it become smooth. Not forget to do light boil to your chocolate and cream. Now shift your smooth cream in the refrigerator and wait until 20 minutes. Take out your stuff when it becomes light thicker but not too much thick.


Before you use your ganache mix it again with your hand mixer until it smooth creamy. You can decor your cake with the ganache by yourself or as the picture. You can use metal spatula for decoration.


Your Cake is ready now. Look the beauty of your cake on the central of your table on a glass cake plate

Recipe Notes

If you are a beginner then the first it may not come in a proper shape but your practice can bring better result. Helpful book for cake making Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book



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